Through years of experience and positive psychology study, FLOW Mental Performance (FMP) training was developed to help performers from multiple disciplines improve their self-confidence and lower stress and anxiety. The best focus on less, not more. FMP will give you the tools necessary to filter your thoughts, and focus on what’s important – worrying less about opinions and failure – and playing with maximum concentration and effort.

We don’t rise to the occasion, we rise to our training. Below is a description of the topics you will learn more about in this game-changing course:

Balance and Perspective

  • See yourself as more than just an athlete
  • Learn the importance of subconscious thoughts and habits

Develop Your PROCESS, Create FLOW

  • Build your process (daily and game routines) that will carry you through the season
  • Trust the process and unlock the mental focus of flow

Have Courage

  • Retool how you look at fear
  • Learn from failure and develop a growth mindset

Create Vision

  • How do you see yourself?
  • How do you see your future?


  • Master your self-talk
  • Visualize success as if it’s already yours

Feed Your Spirit

  • Learn the life changing effects of gratitude
  • Channel the power of servant leadership and unselfishness

Feed Your Mind

  • Success leaves clues—study the best, be the best
  • Learn daily by investing in your personal development

Earn It

  • Persistent practice is where champions live
  • Identify personal commitments and habits necessary to achieve your goals