Flow: Master Your Mindset Classes

FLOW Mental Performance lives by this creed:

Focus on the process, not the pressure.

We can’t control outcomes, but we can control how we prepare and react to success or failure. Like Russell Wilson often says, “The separation is in the preparation.” Choose from a variety of Flow Mental Performance training programs and separate yourself from the pack.

Team Training

Coaches, looking to improve your team’s culture, confidence, accountability, and unselfishness? Sign up for our team training and begin to speak the same language, live the same values, and execute at a higher level. Many teams overlook spending time on the mental side of performance. Gain an edge on your competition by giving your players the necessary tools to reduce stress, improve self-talk, and recover from failure. Sign up for team training and improve your mindset and execution together.

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Small Group (3-6 people)

Learn how to access FLOW in a small group. Research has shown that accountability and execution of goals improves when done with another person. This program is perfect for teammates or individuals looking to improve their mindset in a more intimate environment with fewer students (lower teacher to student ratio).

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Individual One-On-One Performance Training

The biggest growth opportunity often isn’t physical, but mental. Athletes who sign up for individual performance training will receive a one of a kind customized plan designed to quiet their inner critic, improve internal dialogue, and utilize tools and strategies for peak performance. Think of this type of exclusive training like a personal trainer at the gym, but this is for training the most important muscle of a performer…the brain. There are a limited number of slots for this life changing program.

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Parent Workshop

We are living in a unique time where pressure to perform and fit-in are at an all-time high. Being a student-athlete can be very stressful, but being a parent of a high performing child is very stressful as well. Sometimes, there are blind-spots that parents miss that actually cause their child more stress. This game-changing two hour class will help equip you with the tools necessary to help your child be more balanced, improve communication, enhance trust, and help them achieve their goals. This workshop is designed for parents of a team to come together and learn success tools as a group to improve not only their student-athlete’s performance, but their performance in supporting their child as well. Parent Workshops can be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date/time. ($99 per set of parents, minimum of three sets of parents)

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Flow: Master Your Mindset Class

Master Your Mindset training is open to all student-athletes looking to win the inner-game. This is a program that meets as a group (on Mondays) once a week for four weeks and covers multiple topics to improve mindset and performance. Check out the class schedule below and sign up today! Seats are limited.

SessionDatesTimeLocationPriceRegister Now
1aMondays, October 2 - October 23, 20177:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
1bMondays, October 2 - October 23, 20175:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now
2aMondays, October 30 - November 20, 20177:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
2bMondays, October 30 - November 20, 20175:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now
3aMondays, November 27 - December 18, 20177:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
3bMondays, November 27 - December 18, 20175:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now
4aMondays, February 5 - 26, 20187:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
4bMondays, February 5 - 26, 20185:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now
5aMondays, March 5 - 26, 20187:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
5bMondays, March 5 - 26, 20185:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now
6aMondays, May 7 - 28, 20187:45-8:45pmNPA North - Seattle$199Register Now
6bMondays, May 7 - 28, 20185:30-6:30pmNPA East - Puyallup$199Register Now