What They Are Saying

Jeshua Anderson

Jeshua Anderson

NCAA National Champion, USA Track and Field Team

We’ve all been blessed with different talents and gifts. When you find your niche, grind, and focus, you become confident and put yourself in a better situation to accomplish some amazing things. Collin’s teachings have definitely impacted my life and have helped me achieve great feats.


Marc Wiese

Puyallup High School Baseball, Head Coach

Collin gave us the mental tools to improve our performance, play together as a team, and have a unified vision – which helped us win the State Championship. Just Row It.

Jared Landeis


My son Preston has always been very critical and insecure of his abilities at the wide receiver position. Preston has been training with Collin for the last few months. Beyond the great skills training, Collin has given Preston the confidence and mental toughness he has so greatly needed. I’ve seen a new confident strong minded young man this spring during 7v7 football and it’s a direct correlation of working with Collin. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for my son.

Derek Johnson

Professional Soccer Player, Tacoma Stars, Seattle Sounders 23-U Team

One thing I’ve taken from Collin is that a positive mindset leads to positive action. When I have negative thoughts, I need to hit my reset button and refocus. Shifting my mindset to positive thoughts and focusing on my goals has helped me perform at my highest potential!

Kellen Westering

Professional Football Player, Franken (Germany) Knights

Collin taught me that the first step to mastering your mindset starts by being grateful. I learned that gratitude improves relationships as well as reduces negativity. Being grateful is a choice that we have to make everyday. How I put Collin’s insight to action was to score a thankful touchdown every week. I give someone different everyday a meaningful gratitude compliment. We rise by lifting others!

Mike Bush

Kentwood High School Head Football Coach

Collin’s mental conditioning training is a must. It’s a game changer for any athlete!

Abby McFaul

Former Team Captain, Saint Martin’s University Soccer, and Campus President of Athletes in Action

Life is stressful as a student-athlete. Collin’s uplifting mental performance training helped me put things into perspective and focus on what’s important. I used to be very hard on myself. With Collin’s help, I now see failure as a learning opportunity. That negative internal voice is now not as loud, so I can just release and play. Thanks Collin!

Jack Widmann

Principal, Glacier View Junior High

In a time of adolescence when young people are trying to get a grasp on life and their own fit in it, Collin’s positive message on goal setting and choosing our own attitude had our students walking away with something simple, practical, and with substance. I highly recommend it!

Stevie Mussie

Director of Volleyball at Drive Nation, Former ASU Head Volleyball Coach, NCAA Volleyball National Champion, UW

Collin will give you the tools necessary to master the mental game – not only in sports, but in life – enabling you to be the best you can be.